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Scrap Gold Melt

Ever wonder what happens to old scrap gold, broken chains, mis-matched earrings, and old bracelets?  This video shows you how scrap gold is melted into a gold bar.  This does not however show you the refining process, all of the scrap gold in this video is 14k in purity, and the resulting gold bar is still 14k.  The process to make the gold pure again (24k) is more involved and requires additional steps.

Most of the gold that we buy ends up being melted down.  We make sure that only the finest pieces that are still in excellent condition are put in the showcase and offered for resale.  We are available in the office for private consultations if you have some jewelry you are unsure about.  We can guide you through the sales process in a professional environment, and help you make the best decision based on your needs.



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