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Looking to sell colored gemstones?

Do you live in the San Jose area?  Are you looking to sell your colored stone jewelry?  Do you have some gold jewelry with colored stones set in them?

Great News!  Security Loan is looking to buy all colored stone gold and platinum jewelry!  Unlike most “We buy gold” places, we not only buy the gold, but also the diamonds and colored gemstones that are set in them.  Even if you are not sure what the gemstone is, we have six gemologists on staff that can separate sapphires, rubies, emeralds and more!

There are several tests that we do to differentiate the different types of gemstones, including magnification, refractive index, specific gravity and more.  DO NOT bring your gold jewelry with gemstones to a store and settle for just the weight of the gold, without bringing them to us first.  We will pay you a fair price for the gold and also the fair value for the gemstones as well.

Looking for a loan on your colored gemstone ring, earrings or bracelet?  We can also provide cash loans for your jewelry.

Bring them by the store today, and find out how much cash is just sitting unused in your jewelry box!

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