BREAKING: Gold prices on the rise

Gold is up today!  Gold has risen to be once again over the $1200/ounce mark!  If you are thinking about selling your gold, come down today to get the most competitive rates available. As of today at 10:15 am (October 6, 2014) gold is up 1.24%


When we buy gold where does it come from?

Some of the most common questions that we get when we buy gold is "where does gold come from, why is gold expensive, and how do you calculate how much to pay for gold ?" Most of the gold that we buy is usually in jewelry form, either rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces.  Gold however, comes from the earth and needs to be mined before it can be made into jewelry.  It takes quite a lot of work, money and equipment ...


Looking to sell colored gemstones?

Do you live in the San Jose area?  Are you looking to sell your colored stone jewelry?  Do you have some gold jewelry with colored stones set in them? Great News!  Security Loan is looking to buy all colored stone gold and platinum jewelry!  Unlike most "We buy gold" places, we not only buy the gold, but also the diamonds and colored gemstones that are set in them.  Even if you are not sure what the gemstone is, we have six ...


We want to buy all Rolex watches

  We are one of the largest buyers of Rolex in the San Jose bay area!  If you are thinking about selling your Rolex, now is the best time. We currently have a very high demand for pre-owned Rolex watches, therefore we are buying as many Rolex watches as we can find.  We pay very high rates for all good condition Rolex watches because we sell them very quickly.  This allows us to give you top dollar for your Rolex watch.  Call ...


How to tell if a Rolex is real

We buy and sell quite a few used Rolex watches.  Because we are one of the largest buyers of Estate and Pre-owned Rolex watches in San Jose, we have years of experience of spotting counterfeits.  In this article, I will not be able to turn you into an expert at spotting fakes, however I will be able to show you some of the things that we look for. The dial:  The first thing that I look at on a watch is ...


Gold Testing

People from the San Jose area bring us their gold to sell every day.  The question that we get asked the most, is "How can you tell if the gold is real?"  and if it is real, "How can you tell the purity of the gold?" The purity of the gold is usually stamped on the piece of jewelry.  They typically try to stamp it somewhere unobtrusive, like the inside of the ring, or the clasp of a chain.  Pure gold ...


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Campbell San Jose

Security Loan is the premier Campbell - San Jose pawn shop Have you asked yourself, "Where can I sell my gold jewelry in San SanJose?" You have come to the right place! We buy all gold and platinum jewelry as well as diamonds and watches! Need some quick cash? We also offer loans with no credit check required! Security Loan450 East Hamilton AvenueCampbell, CA 95008(408) 341-0303


Scrap Gold Melt

Ever wonder what happens to old scrap gold, broken chains, mis-matched earrings, and old bracelets?  This video shows you how scrap gold is melted into a gold bar.  This does not however show you the refining process, all of the scrap gold in this video is 14k in purity, and the resulting gold bar is still 14k.  The process to make the gold pure again (24k) is more involved and requires additional steps. Most of the gold that we buy ends ...


Diamond Buying

We buy Diamonds Have a loose diamond or diamond ring? We have six gemologists full time which allows us to grade and measure the diamond while you watch and provide a value. Because diamonds are our specialty you can be assured of getting a fair price and that our grading is accurate. Most places that buy gold will not buy the gemstones that are set in the jewelry. At Security Loan we specialize in these types of buys, and will pay ...